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Creativity plays a very vital role in the field of interiors. It is nothing but allowing you to make mistakes whereas designing actually knows which ones to keep.A better platform makes our future secure and NIIDis one of them which cajoles towards its way. We got a golden opportunity to develop our hidden talent through this particular juncture.Providing the right guidance at the right time are the corner stone of our teachers.- Archita Kedia

An Institute of Interior Designing, NIIDis an institute of excellence which gives the young talents, an opportunity to sprout themselves. Being anNiiDian, I personally feel that if you treat this place as your home, you will be nurtured as its cherished member. Thanks to the excellent faculty, and other members.May the flag of NIID always fly high. - Shilpa Periwal

From being a designer hobbyist to now stand in the midway of my accomplishments, I feel myself totally secured under the umbrella of NIID. It provides a comprehensive course of study to meet all our learning needs.The kind of exposure and understanding it equips us with invokes and stimulates zeal within to learn. Throughout my span of association with NIID, I have journeyed along numerous exciting experiences and have known closely what’ Learn with Fun’ means.Be with NIID, and you will know how to objectify imaginations. NIID doesn’t merely stands for “An Institute of Interior Designing”; for me, it expands as “Nothing is as Intriguing and Delightful”--- Mukesh Sharma

Modernization or we can say modular world, people now-a- days are very much fond or concern about modular assets. With the growing modernization cum industrialization the demand of a good modular house/building with unique interior is growing. Interior designing is not just about design or internal work but in my opinion it’s about giving life to a building or a construction. Home/ office with all assets like fabrics, wallpapers, furniture’s, home accessories etc. inspired by different themes i.e. according to the desires of the people/ customers. NIID is a platform where we can gain the entire knowledge about Interior Designing. For me NIID is the best place to build career. – Pooja Saikia

I didn’t know much about Interior designing much before joining NIID. Coming to NIIDchanged my notion that Interior designing is just about decorating rooms and putting furniture to their right places. NIIDprovided us with Site surveys and factory surveys which gave us a very good idea about how to start a work and what materials are to be used in designing a space. Any other institute in Guwahati doesn’t provide with site surveys which is very important for initial development of interior designers and I personally think we have the best faculty and a good working studio also - Nitin Agarwal

I am very much glad to state that I’m also a part of NIID.NIID is an adorable platform for all the creative minds, best place to explore oneself, outstanding performance by faculty members-friendly behavior, power house of motivation, cure of nervousness and lots more... I feel so proud that I’m doing my diploma in Interior Designing from NIID....Within couple of months I can smell changes in my life style. - Praveen Jain

I am a proud student of NIID, Guwahati. I have many good things to share about this institution, rather it give me an immense pleasure to say that "nothing could been better place than this place", I wouldn't have found a forum elsewhere to enhance my knowledge in the field of interior decoration/designing both professionally & personally.In few words, choosing this institution has given me a better platform than I thought of initially. A place where many things can be learned rather the just the technical part of it. One can experience fun, excitement, & learning. A place where fun & learning goes hand in hand. I personally wish all the staff a bright future ahead and all the success in reaching out to its upcoming students."Feels great to be a part of this whole NIID family" - my journey of my career begins from here - Trina Hazarika

It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion comes together. In my life, I would have missed this beautiful phase without the help of NIID. I thank NIID from the bottom of my heart for making my dream comes true - Kalpita Bhadra

Interior design is "the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building". An interior designer is someone who coordinates and manages such projects. Interior Designing is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, communicating with the stakeholders of a project and the management and execution of the design. NIID is a place where an individual can gain the immense knowledge in this creative field. I want to thank NIID from the bottom of my heart for giving me the platform where I can flourish. - Mriganka Bhattacharyya

“Modular assets” the word that has become a new concern for the upcoming urban and the modernized society. The ongoing trend of style and comfort calls for the best interior you can give to your house that can make eyes turn when your circle comes to meet you! Others call it just designing. I consider it make the house look alive! With all the modular assets like fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, home accessories etc. Whatever your desire is! NIID is place or you can say platform where you can learn and pursue all these knowledge. Thanks NIID for giving me an opportunity to fulfil my dreams. Proud to be a member of NIID. - Brinda Agarwal

I am pursuing Interior Designing from NIID.This institute has helped me a lot in achieving my goals. I have learnt so much from this institute, it has always supported and encouraged me. And now I am able to handle the projects on my own. Presently I am working on some residential projects in Guwahati. Our Institute holds many functions which is entertaining and very inspiring to us. All the moments associated with NIID will always remain with me throughout my life - Panchi Nath

Here I have become an Interior Designer; who can be diversified and mould in all types of designs, be it contemporary, classic, urban or any other form. NIID has given me good space to think within the box. NIID has not only made me an interior designer but also a better person then what I was before. My stairs of success started the first day I enrolled my name in the institution and each day it took me a step ahead. Today I feel proud for receiving the “STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD” from my institution. Thank you NIID for making me what I am today – Gurusha Bhati

Since beginning I have always been admiring fashion designers and the design world. As I reached my teenage, this admiration turned into my passion. Right from the Directors to the Teachers of NIID, everyone has mould me in such a way that now this dream seems to be possible. Thank you NIID for awarding with “PASSION FOR FASHION AWARD”. I am a proud student of NIID. Long Live NIID. – Varsha Ajmera

Interior design is "the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building". An interior designer is someone who coordinates and manages such projects. It is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, communicating with the stakeholders of a project and the management and execution of the design. I want to thank NIID from the bottom of my heart for giving me the platform and reward me with “Best Designer and Student Of the Year Award” – Anirudh Sharma

“Pure, intense emotions. It’s not about design, It’s about feelings.” To pursue my career in the fashion field is the only thing I wanted since my childhood. NIID gave me a perfect platform where I can experiment things and develop my skills in the field. They have made my base of designing skills stronger and I’ll always be thankful to the entire team of NIID for their support, love, guidance and helping me in each and every small steps in the fashion field. Thank you rewarding me with the memento “PASSION FOR FASHION”. Forever a NIIDian. - Manisha Sethia

I joined interior designing because I always had in my mind that I want to beautify the surroundings of people. I joined NIID with this purpose a year ago. After joining the course I have learnt about all the technicalities that go behind the work of an interior designer. A lot of designs, trail and error is followed in the process. But at the end, result gave me the satisfaction and I felt it was all worth by receiving “STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD” from NIID. - Yash G. Jain

NIID is not just an institute for me. Its a place where I learnt the actual reason behind my success. The one year of journey in NIID was an amazing experience for me. All thanks to my teachers and team NIID to motivate me to do my best. Without the help of my mentors, I wont be able to achieve success and the “ Best Designer Award”. Thank You for making me a successful designer. - Pratik Agarwal


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